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As a foster parent of Deaf Children, I have had many moments of struggle as I have needed academic support systems for my children. Ayisha  has proven to be an integral part of my support.  When the School System was delinquent in providing services for the summer, Ayisha stepped in, regardless of “when payment would be submitted”, and worked with my Deaf sons.  She was organized, provided lesson plans, goals and reported on their weekly progress.  As a result of this work, the teachers this fall commented about their expressive linguistic improvement, their seriousness and motivation for academic excellence, and their willingness to take risks in unfamiliar academic settings.  I owe this change of my sons’ academic motivation and dedication to Ayisha.


Darlene G. Ratliff, M. Ed, CI

Foster Parent of Deaf Children

Teacher in the Boston Public Schools


Ayisha was my first teacher and guide into the language and culture of ASL. The solid foundation in ASL she helped create, eventually led me to pursuing and receiving my Associates of Applied Science in American Sign Language to English Interpretation.


Charles Hopkins


My experience in Ayisha’s ASL classes has been unparalleled. She connects personally with her students, and conducts a classroom that is a really great balance between structured grammar/vocabulary instruction, and casual conversation and story telling. She shows a lot of respect to her students, and is patient with those students who have less ASL experience, or are struggling more than others in the class. I remember fondly that I really noticed my ASL improving, during the time I was taking her class, and felt so immersed in the classroom, that I had trouble switching back to spoken English when I left. Outside of the classroom, Ayisha continues to be patient with ASL learners such as myself, and consistently demonstrates her passion for teaching ASL and Deaf culture in everyday conversations.


Maayan Bar-Yam

Former ASL Student at Deaf Inc. Boston


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